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i'm eric, bitch.

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highlights of my year [Dec. 26th, 2004|04:35 am]
i'm eric, bitch.
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[music |Modest Mouse - Satin In A Coffin]

Its almost the end of 2004, a few more days til the new year, well this post will be abou events that happen in 2004 but a update about today. Christmas day was pretty cool, I got what I didnt really expect to get. I got a cellfone, computer parts, money and cds. The best part was going to my sister's house and all the family being together. But time for a recap of this year...January was boring! Nothing special happened, but I did go to Disney World for the first time in my life with my cousins. It was cool yet alright, space mountain was the first ride to make me like roller coasters. I liked this girl Ashley at the time, but then I moved away from her back to *courtney*. I've always had my eyes on her since she was in 6th grade, never really knew her though. I gave her random hugs in the hallways at Stilwell. Those Stilwell days are now gone :(. First impressions were that linkin park shirt she always wore, I said to myself "shes gotta be awesome" and well.....shes fucking awesome, shes one in a million, no one else could compare to her, shes great...i love her. Febuary, GOOD MONTH...but anyways on to about March. My mom and her sisters went to the Philippines for the entire month, leaving me and my dad here. We were living it up in luxury with a truck and a van. Those cars were the pimpest I've ever rode in and taken care of. April was pretty much a repeat of Januay/Febuary, nothing special happen but going to school the whole month and not missing a day. May was the month, last time I'll ever be at stilwell. Went pretty good up until the last day at stilwell which I didnt go to. It was sad, yet an accomplishment that I finally got out of that shity school. Havent seen most of my friends at stilwell since May....wow. My summer went by pretty fast and it was alright, but not bad, me and my cousin partied a lot. I went to summer school for 3 weeks, it was a good experience, got me ready for high school. My cousin from Washington State came to visit with my little cousin, it was cool. August, school started and it was fun...I met a lot of cool people. September, WAS HELL how many fucking hurricanes did we have? Like 4 hurricanes in a row....ok we had one......again?....fuck i'm tired of it......just pissed!!!!!! I never experienced a hurricane but I got use to the weather...Florida summer life gotta live it up. October was boring, nothing special happened or nothing really happened. November, was a good month. My older cousin (more like brother) from London came and visit us for a month. We went to St.Augustine, Port Canaveral, Orlando and just about the major cities around North and Central Florida. I was planning to go to Miami but no one had enough time off, went to a concert with Courtney...had fun together. DECEMBER!!!!! This month has been fun, I got what I wanted for birthday and christmas...anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!

Cause theres no one in the world like, Courtney